Michelle LaFrance Smarty Pants

I Like To Win And Help Others Win Too!

The rhythm in any business is to get more leads and close more sales. The smoother this process the better the business runs.  My digital agency, Smarty Pants answers the call to generating high  quality leads. My training as a Codebreaker Coach and Trainer allows me to help others learn how to close more sales.  

Never before has closing a lead been more important. I decided to become a Codebreaker Coach and Trainer after I read the book Why They Buy.  I read the book because as a business owner I wanted to understand why I was effective with some people but not others.  I got the answer to that question and so much more, the book is truly about increasing your compassion and learning how to understand others...I believe this is the key to success in business and in life. 

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We'll get you there!  What is your vision for success? Find out how our team can  help you realize your dreams.  Everything is better with a good digital agency.

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